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bad muddin trip

at like 930 my bro, calls and tells me to get ready to go muddin i said ok. so he came and picked me up. and we headed out to the pits. we couldnt get through the regular trail, so we took an other trail his buddy told him to take. we get bombin down it and notice a small snomobiling bridge and we tried make it across but the passenger side front and rear tire slipped off into this fregin 3 or four feet deep mud hole, i was like holy shit dude we cant get outta hear. so the other guy that was with us hooked his toyota up to us and got back in it to pull us out, he punched it and ripped my bros bumper off, the whole right side was mired in the mud, even the rear differential was under the mud, so we worked till bout 1:00 saturday morning. we went home till 9:00, we woke up and headed back out to try to get it unstuck, we had a full size toyota which a 3 inch lift and 33's on it, along with a gmc 1500 trying to pull it out, we ended up havin to build a little bridge, and reefin from the back bumper to get it out it ended up taking us till 1:00 in the afternoon. i got some sick pics of it stuck.
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