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jeep conundrum

So...I have a 1999 Jeep Wrangler with 120,820 miles on it with a constantly replacing-the-exhaust-manifold-leak-issue problem. It's in great shape and has some bells and whistles. A small (size of a playing card) dent in the drivers' side front fender flare. Immaculate interior and no serious mechanical issues.
I'd really like a newer model Wrangler w/o all the tubular exhaust problems (after 2001 they fixed it with a different exhaust system) and perhaps an automatic. My knee is starting to sound like someone is twisting plastic wrap every time I bend it.
I spotted a 2005 dark blue hard top wrangler. It's a 6 cylinder like mine and it is a former postal Jeep. The steering wheel is on the right side. It has a tinted top and the basics' options. The mileage is a skosh high...73,000. I believe it was a rural postal route jeep. But if it was a postal jeep then it would have been taken (mechanically) better care of than a private owner Jeep. I would want to take my wheels and my stereo head unit. That's all. The price is right and it wouldn’t change my payments much (slightly lower).
The situation is that I would be starting over with a new loan when the one I have now is within a year and a half to close. I am worried that if don’t trade now my Jeep will be too high mileage and paid off or not I won’t get what I want for trade in value on another Jeep.
I am a little confused...isn’t it only 20,000 miles a year average for mileage? If so mine is under for the 8 years old it is. (Math: 2007-1999 = 8 years old X 20,000 = 160,000 miles. Mine's 39,000 miles under that).
The dealers said I'm slightly upside-down (negative equity) and that a small down payment ($500) will sweeten the pot for financing. They also tried to talk me into a car/truck with a rebate so that I can balance out the negative equity.....
I'd really like to have this 2005 but I am not sure I want to start over with a car payment. I am also not sure about looking forward to replacing my 1999's exhaust manifold with a aftermarket header (Borla/Banks) to stop the exhaust manifold problem I am starting to have all over again. I am not sure if this is the best deal I can get...

Help! Advice, questions, suggestions?
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