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Life Sushi! ...interesting, tasty and raw!

help! help!

awwrightee...thought I'd save a few bucks and buy my Haynes manual at ebay. 3 WEEKS LATER. I get an apologetic...'mailed it the other day' excuse from the seller. I wanted to go ahead a start delving in and find out if I'm cherry or not. I am still waiting on the manual and I am very cagey about mechanics.
So far, I got the dealership to sign a 'WE OWE' (after purchasing the Jeep used at a lot) on the chipped windshield, the iffy door handle, and the leak from the AC into the passenger side footwell.
After I mentioned the leak to a 97 Wrangler owner he just told me look for a hose that should be attached to the firewall on the opposite side the glove box. He says it is missing. This coincides with what the Express Lube sweetheart owner/manager guessed was the problem but told me he was not sure.
My dealership is SOOOO stupid.
I am going to start trusting only other owners and try to find a personal mechanic if time and again the dealership inspires my homicidal side to come out to play.
Anyone experience with the leak? Is it truly a missing hose on the opposite side of the firewall? My first Jeep (owned 9 yrs) had no AC and I am not familiar with AC at all.
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